Chinese medicinals can be used both to treat existing illnesses and to prevent illness from developing.  Like vitamins or food supplements, they maintain our health and treat acute and chronic ailments.  An herbal prescription consists of many herbs tailored for the unique needs of each patient.  The beauty of Chinese medicine is that it can correct a person’s individual pattern of disharmony, the whole person is treated at once. Chinese medicinals have been used for centuries and are gentle, safe, and effective.

Pharmaceutical drugs isolate a single ingredient to produce a specific physiologic effect.  They are potent, often have side effects, and generally do not address the underlying cause of an illness.  For example, antibiotics eliminate bacteria but do not increase a person’s resistance to being infected again.  They do not strengthen the immune system.  Chinese medicinal ingredients are enfolded within the whole plant and blended with other balancing herbs.  This helps to buffer their side effects.  Chinese herbal prescriptions are so effective because they are able to strengthen the whole system as well as fight an isolated disease mechanism.

Chinese herbs are a powerful enhancement to your acupuncture treatment.  Your recovery process will often be greatly hastened when combining acupuncture with Chinese herbal therapy.  While visiting, you may opt to have only an herbal consultation independent of an acupuncture session.

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